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Due to risks of Covid-19 transmission and advice from our CDO we are now closed.


Patients who have dental issues;


-We will still be answering calls Monday to Friday 9am-6pm to offer advice

-One of our dentists will give you advice over the phone

-Our dentists can arrange for emergency treatment for any severe emergencies. This will be at a designated location.


We have a responsibility not to overload the NHS system. Many people may feel well but can transmit the infection to others who are more vulnerable.

It is therefore crucial that at this stage referral is ONLY made for severe emergencies.


What can't we do at present;


- we are unable to book any appointments at our practices.

-No routine treatment - eg lost crowns, dentures, chipped teeth, lost fillings, mild pain


It can be frustrating to have dental problems that we can't help you with, please remember that at this time saving lives is more important than saving teeth - we hope to be back to normal as soon as possible.


The more everyone limits contact with others the more lives are saved.


We promise you all that when we are up and running again, we will look after ALL of your dental needs.

We are in the process of cancelling all appointments 4 weeks ahead on a rolling basis, we will keep you informed.

Please try not to call to check appointments and only call if you have an emergency



Thank you for your patience, at this time.


Thank you


North Road Dental Practice